JML Jewelry Appraisals


Types of Services Provided

  • Insurance Replacement Appraisal
  • Estate (probate) Appraisal
  • Quality Confirmation of a New Purchase
  • Dissolution of Marriage Documentation
  • Evaluation/Appraisal of Island and Foreign Purchases
  • Internet Diamond and Jewelry Purchase Verification
  • Gem Identification Reports
  • Private Consultation
  • Jewelry Repair and Restoration
  • Updating of previous Appraisal Documents

There are many reasons and different situations that require your jewelry be appraised. In every situation your property may have a different value. Some appraisals have definitions of value dictated by law. In others, the appraiser chooses the appropriate type of value and appraisal method for the situation. Determining the value of your jewelry is only one of the appraiser’s jobs.

Appraisers have three important functions:

  1. Identification: Your jewelry must be identified according to the materials, craftsmanship, condition and any other factors that affect its value. It is then evaluated according to its quality in relation to similar items.
  2. Valuing: Assigning an appropriate value to your jewelry items according to the purpose and intended use of the appraisal document.
  3. Witness: In a court of law the appraiser can state that your jewelry did exist at a certain point in time and that it was in a certain condition. The appraiser can also attest to the method used in valuation of that item.

The Appraisal Process

Appraisals are done by appointment only, so you may drop off your items and pick them up in a few hours or wait while all of the necessary documentation, plots and photographs are taken and have the finished document mailed to you within a week.

All of your items will go through an initial inspection of condition and then receive a thorough cleaning.

Once clean, each item goes through the following steps:

  • Measuring and weighing of the individual stones and settings
  • Gem identification using a Refractometer, Polariscope, Binocular Microscope and various other gemological tools
  • Cut, color and clarity grading of the diamonds and gemstones

Detailed plotting diagrams of diamonds 1.00ct. and above and major gemstones will be completed. In addition, any serial numbers, hallmarks, trademarks and engraving will be noted to prove authenticity.

At least one color digital photograph will be taken of each item.

Throughout the appointment you are able to be present and ask questions about your jewelry and the appraisal process. We are also happy to give you a short lesson on identifying your diamonds in the future.

Once this information is completed your items may leave with you. Each item will then receive a monetary valuation and a complete appraisal document will be mailed to you within a week.