JML Jewelry Appraisals


Professional appraisers charge for their services based upon an hourly rate or per-item fee, not by a percentage of the appraised value.

Your appraisals will be kept in our database ten years for your convenience. Normally, due to market changes, your documents need to be updated at least every five years. The time required for an update is greatly reduced, and thus your costs, by returning within the five year period for an update.

Most importantly, by using a professional appraiser you will have complete and accurate documentation of your jewelry, with an appropriate value, performed by methods that will stand up to scrutiny when it really matters.

Below is a list of the most common services we offer. Estimates are always given before beginning any work.

Appraisal with Photograph

  • First Piece: $85.00
  • Additional Items: $60.00 each
  • Each item is digitally photographed. Pieces having a diamond of 1.00ct. or larger will receive a complimentary plot. If there are multiple diamonds in the piece 1.00ct. and larger, the largest diamond will be plotted. If the client would like plots on the additional diamonds, there is a charge of $25 per plot. Large colored stones will also be plotted as necessary.
  • Estimates are given prior to performing appraisals. If you have multiple pieces being appraised, it is sometimes less expensive to pay a per hour rate of $125. Items that require extensive Gemological evaluation or research will be billed at $125 per hour.
  • Some items require specialized instruments only available at large Gemological labs. There are extra charges for most of these services. A new estimate and prior client approval is obtained before employing any of these services.

Appraisal Updates

  • First Piece: $35.00
  • Additional Items: $20.00 each or $125 per hour
  • All updates require JML Jewelry Appraisals to see and inspect all of the items. This is the only way to insure accuracy in documentation and pricing.

Gem Identification

  • $25.00 per piece
  • Note: This does not include any type of quality or value statement.
  • Client will receive a statement of the tests performed and the identity of the stone on JML Jewelry Appraisal letterhead.


  • $75.00 per hour
  • $25.00 minimum (20 minutes)