JML Jewelry Appraisals

Questions for the Apprasier

  1. An appraisal tells you all the details on an item of jewelry and provides a photo of the piece along with its true worth. This is even more important if you own vintage or custom made jewelry.
  2. Appraisals are needed to insure your jewelry for the proper amount. Diamonds, gemstones and metal prices fluctuate with the market. The item you purchased a few years ago may have increased dramatically in value. If a loss were to occur, the item could be undervalued, and usually the insurance company will not adjust your settlement to the current prices.
  3. If you travel to other countries and pass through customs, upon re-entering the United States, they might assume you purchased an item during your trip and assign a duty fee to be paid. A current appraisal will prove the item was owned prior to the trip.

It is always advisable to have a "second opinion" from an unbiased source to confirm the value of your jewelry. JML Jewelry Appraisals are independent appraisers; we are objective and work solely for you - our client. We will take the time to write an accurate, in depth appraisal that provides you with a realistic replacement value and detailed description of your item. This will help you avoid paying excessive insurance premiums and help ensure your jewelry is replaced with a comparable item if you should incur a loss.

We offer verbal consultation for a fee. We can test the metal and stones, and answer questions about your item. Depending on the complexity of the piece, some market research is needed to provide you an approximate value.

You are not covered for damage or loss unless you have your jewelry appraised and scheduled separately. Each piece of jewelry we appraise will be carefully documented and photographed so you can have it properly scheduled.

Definitely! No one person can be an expert at everything. A good appraiser is constantly learning by attending education seminars on new gemological discoveries and training, advanced appraisal techniques and laws, etc. If you bring in an item we are not experienced in evaluating, we will inform you up front. We can consult with specialists to arrive at a correct value or refer you to an independent expert in that area of the jewelry industry.

JML Jewelry Appraisals is a member of the National Association of Jewelry Appraisers and they have a "Code of Professional Ethics" we must follow. NAJA is dedicated to developing ethics and excellence within the industry. Any proven violation of that Code could result in termination or suspension from the association.

The value stated on your appraisal document was determined based on the gem and metal markets at the time the appraisal was written. Both of those markets usually change somewhat on a month to month or yearly basis, and can change more quickly based on new gemological findings or the economic market. It is best to contact your appraiser every couple years to inquire about an update. The appraiser can inspect your jewelry items and based on the current markets determine if it is time for an update. Don't wait over ten years though, or you might have to start from scratch. Appraisers are required to keep copies of the original documents for ten years, which makes it much easier, quicker and less expensive to have an update done.

Some people choose to leave their jewelry, but JML Jewelry Appraisals is happy to appraise your jewelry while you wait and watch. Your pieces will never leave your sight. Depending on the number of items being appraised and the amount of cleaning they require for proper evaluation, this can be a time consuming process. Every situation is unique and we want to do what is in the best interest of each customer.

All appraisals and consultations are done by appointment so JML Jewelry Appraisals is able to adapt to individuals' varied schedules. Our hours are flexible and we are happy to work with our clients, even if it means working in the evening or on the weekend.

All of the jewelry pieces you are interested in getting appraised, along with any documentation you have on those items. This documentation includes sales receipts, lab reports and/or old appraisal documents. These documents may contain useful information, such as the loose weights of the diamonds and gemstones before they were mounted. We will still measure, grade and do our own calculations, but will compare with the previous data to ensure the most accurate documentation and valuation.

No, we do not remove diamonds or gemstones from their settings when doing an appraisal. The tests we use are safe and will not alter your jewelry in any way.

Other questions...

The list of questions goes on. Can I sell my jewelry for the appraised value? Does all jewelry become more valuable over time? Can this document be used in a court of law? JML Jewelry Appraisals is happy to answer any jewelry questions you might have during the appraisal process. Remember, there is never a "stupid" or "silly" question. If we don't have the answer, we can research an answer. We want our clients to have an opportunity to learn about the beautiful pieces of history they are having evaluated.